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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series B - Applied Mathematics

Volume 39 Part 4 (1998)

Christodoulos Athanasiadis
On the acoustic scattering amplitude for a multi-layered scatterer
(pp 431-448)
Wensheng Xu and Shuping Chen
Optimal consumption/portfolio choice with borrowing rate higher than deposit rate
(pp 449-462)
Gerhard-W. Weber
On the topology of parametric optimal control
(pp 463-497)
Andrew P. Bassom and P. J. Blennerhassett
Long wavelength vortices in time-periodic flows
(pp 498-512)
K. Vijayakumar
On the integrability and exact solutions of the nonlinear diffusion equation with a nonlinear source
(pp 513-527)
J.-M. Vanden-Broeck
A model for the free-surface flow due to a submerged source in water of infinite depth
(pp 528-538)
A. Chakrabarti and T. Sahoo
The effect of surface tension in porous wave maker problems
(pp 539-556)
V. T. Buchwald and F. Viera
Linearised evaporation from a soil of finite depth above a water table
(pp 557-579)