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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series B - Applied Mathematics

Volume 40 Part 1 (1998)

Wenhuan Yu
A quasi-Newton approach to identification of a parabolic system
(pp 1-22)
Andrew J. Rixon, Craig R. Johnson and Alan S. Jones
Stability in paradigm biological systems
(pp 23-34)
P. J. Montgomery and T. B. Moodie
Analytical and numerical results for flow and shock formation in two-layer gravity currents
(pp 35-58)
Roman R. Poznanski
Electrophysiology of a leaky cable model for coupled neurons
(pp 59-71)
L. M. Brock
Analytic results for roots of two irrational functions in elastic wave propagation
(pp 72-79)
B. Guljas, C. E. M. Pearce and J. Pecaric
Jensen's inequality for distributions possessing higher moments, with application to sharp bounds for Laplace-Stieltjes transforms
(pp 80-85)
Bong Dae Choi, Gang Uk Hwang and Dong Hwan Han
Supplementary variable method applied to the MAP/G/1 queueing system
(pp 86-96)
Y. K. Aw, Robyn Owens and John Ross
An analysis of local energy and phase congruency models in visual feature detection
(pp 97-122)
James P. Denier and Andrew P. Bassom
Neutrally stable wave motions in thermally stratified Poiseuille-Couette flow
(pp 123-144)