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Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Series B - Applied Mathematics

Volume 40 Part 2 (1998)

Craig L. Russell, P. J. Blennerhassett and P. J. Stiles
Strongly nonlinear vortices in magnetized ferrofluids
(pp 146-170)
P. K. Kundu and N. K. Saha
On the scattering of water waves by a submerged slender barrier
(pp 171-189)
Sudebi Bhattacharyya and K. P. Das
The effect of randomness on the stability of deep water surface gravity waves in the presence of a thin thermocline
(pp 190-206)
Yang Woo Shin and Charles E. M. Pearce
The BMAP/G/1 vacation queue with queue-length dependent vacation schedule
(pp 207-221)
Allen R. Miller and H. M. Srivastava
On the Mellin transform of a product of hypergeometric functions
(pp 222-237)
Terence Chan
Large deviations and quasi-stationarity for density-dependent birth-death processes
(pp 238-256)
David Mustard
Fractional convolution
(pp 257-265)
V. Rehbock, S. Wang and K. L. Teo
Computing optimal control with a hyperbolic partial differential equation
(pp 266-287)