ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 43   Part 4
APRIL   2002

Numerical solution of an optimal control problem with variable time points in the objective function  
    K. L. Teo, W. R. Lee, L. S. Jennings, S. Wang and Y. Liu 463
The parameter dependent Sturm-Liouville eigenproblem with an interior simple or double pole  
    Thomas M. Acho and Dominic P. Clemence 479
Some refinements of Shannon's inequalities  
    M. Matic, C. E. M. Pearce and J. Pecaric 493
Fourth order nonlinear evolution equations for gravity-capillary waves in the presence of a thin thermocline in deep water  
    Suma Debsarma and K. P. Das 513
Practical stability of the solutions of impulsive systems of differential-difference equations via the method of comparison and some applications to population dynamics  
    D. D. Bainov, A. B. Dishliev and I. M. Stamova 525
Denumerable state continuous time Markov decision processes with unbounded cost and transition rates under average criterion  
    Xianping Guo and Weiping Zhu 541
Growth theorems for homogeneous second-order difference equations  
    Stevo Stevic 559
Certain theorems on bilinear and bilateral generating functions  
    H. M. Srivastava and Yeong-Nan Yeh 567
Existence theory for games of pricing and technology  
    Kokou Y. Abalo and Michael M. Kostreva 575

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