ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 45   Part 4
APRIL   2004

A probabilistic algorithm for finding the rate matrix of a block- GI / M / 1 Markov chain  
    Emma Hunt 457
A solution method for combined semi-infinite and semi-definite programming  
    S. J. Li, X. Q. Yang, K. L. Teo and S. Y. Wu 477
Phase-retardation effects at radio frequencies in flat-plate conductors  
    D. P. Bulte, L. K. Forbes and S. Crozier 495
Performance of various BFGS implementations with limited precision second-order information  
    D. Byatt, I. D. Coope and C. J. Price 511
Efficiency and generalised convexity in vector optimisation problems  
    Pham Huu Sach, Gue Myung Lee and Do Sang Kim 523
Memory, market stability and the nonlinear cobweb theorem  
    J. M. Gaffney and C. E. M. Pearce 547
Positive solutions of singular nonlinear Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems  
    Yan Sun, Lishan Liu and Yeol Je Cho 557
Flow ratio design of primal and dual network models of distribution  
    G. A. Mohr 573
The structure of solutions for equations related to the motions of plane curves  
    Jong-Shenq Guo, Chu-Pin Lo and Je-Chiang Tsai 585
Oscillation of first-order delay differential equations  
    Aimin Zhao, Xianhua Tang and Jurang Yan 593

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