ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 46   Part 2
OCTOBER   2004

Pontryagin's maximum principle for optimal control of a non-well-posed parabolic differential equation involving a state constraint  
    Mi Jin Lee and Jong Yeoul Park 171
A fast algorithm for constructing orthogonal multiwavelets  
    Yang Shouzhi 185
Spectral refinement using a new projection method  
    Rekha P. Kulkarni and N. Gnaneshwar 203
Solving rank one revised linear systems by the scaled ABS method  
    Keyvan Amini 225
Non-Newtonian conducting fluid flow and heat transfer due to a rotating disk  
    Hazem A. Attia and Mohamed E. S. Ahmed 237
Rolling of a rigid ball on a horizontal deformable surface  
    Maurice N. Brearley and Neville J. de Mestre 249
Independent non-identical five-parameter gamma-Weibull variates and their sums  
    Roy B. Leipnik and Charles E. M. Pearce 265
Nonnegative solutions for a heterogeneous degenerate competition model  
    Antonio Suárez 273
A bioeconomic model of nonselective harvesting of two competing fish species  
    D. Purohit and K. S. Chaudhuri 299

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