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Name:ICM 2022
Calendar:International Congresses
When:Wed, July 6, 2022, 10:00 am - Fri, July 15, 2022, 10:00 am

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International Congress of Mathematicians 2022

Dates: 6–14 July 2022
Venue: Expoforum convention and exhibition center, St Petersburg, Russia

July is a wonderful time to visit Saint Petersburg, a city of great architectural beauty and rich cultural tradition. The famous St Petersburg "white nights", when the days are long and the sunsets are endless, will give the ICM participants a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the city without missing lectures.

The venue for ICM 2022 will be Expoforum convention and exhibition center. This state-of-art facility opened in 2014 and hosts such prominent events as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. It is conveniently situated near the award-winning Pulkovo International Airport. On-site are two hotels and a number of restaurants.

The 19th General Assembly of the IMU will be held in St. Petersburg on 3–4 July 2022.

IMU Prizes

The announcements and prize ceremonies for the IMU Awards, Prizes, and Special Lecture form a very important part of an ICM program.

  • In particular the Fields medals that recognize outstanding mathematical achievement, and are considered by many to be the highest honors in mathematics, are announced and awarded at the ICM Opening Ceremony.
  • Of no lesser importance are the Gauss Prize, Chern Medal, Leelavati Prize, and the Emmy Noether Lecture.
  • A prize honouring groundbreaking contributions in scientific computing and mathematical aspects of computer science will be awarded under a new name at ICM2022; see the information about the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize.


The Executive Organizing Committe and the Local Organizing Committee are going through all planning steps to make this a very successful and impactful event. In their work, they rely on the International Advisory Committee as well as input from mathematical organizations and individual mathematicians.

  • See the following article in Notices of the AMS for more information.
  • Follow ICM news to learn about funding opportunities, proposed and planned events, travel matters, satellite events, and other aspects of the preparations for the ICM.


On behalf of all those involved in the organization of ICM 2022:

Добро Пожаловать в Санкт Петербург! — Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

Warm hospitality is an old and important tradition in Russia and the organizers are committed to making sure everybody feels very welcome at the ICM.


  • Correspondence about all local aspects of the ICM planning and organization should be addressed to loc@icm2022.org.
  • Use advisory@icm2022.org to contact the International Advisory Committee.
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