ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 44   Part 3
JANUARY   2003

Additive selections and the stability of the Cauchy functional equation  
    Roman Badora, Roman Ger and Zsolt Páles 323
Minimax fractional programming involving generalised invex functions  
    H. C. Lai and J. C. Liu 339
A quasi-trapezoid inequality for double integrals  
    N. S. Barnett, S. S. Dragomir and C. E. M. Pearce 355
n-Dimensional first integral and similarity solutions for two-phase flow  
    S. W. Weeks, G. C. Sander and J.-Y. Parlange 365
Global existence for the generalised 2D Ginzburg-Landau equation  
    Hongjun Gao and Keng-Huat Kwek 381
Nonresonance conditions and extremal solutions for first-order impulsive problems under weak assumptions  
    Daniel Franco and Rodrigo L. Pouso 393
On some noncoercive variational inequalities containing degenerate elliptic operators  
    Vy Khoi Le 409
On the condition number of integral equations in linear elasticity using the modified Green's function  
    E. Argyropoulos, D. Gintides and K. Kiriaki 431
Reflection/refraction of SH-waves at a corrugated interface between two different anisotropic and vertically heterogeneous elastic solid half-spaces  
    Rajneesh Kumar, Sushil K. Tomar and Asha Chopra 447
Effects of an axisymmetric rigid punch on a nonhomogeneous transversely isotropic half-space  
    P. K. Chaudhuri and Subhankar Ray 461
A certain class of generating functions involving bilateral series  
    H. M. Srivastava, M. A. Pathan and M. G. Bin-Saad 475

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