ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 44   Part 4
APRIL   2003

An optimal linear filter for random signals with realisations in a separable Hilbert space  
    P. G. Howlett, C. E. M. Pearce and A. P. Torokhti 485
Seasonality and critical community size for infectious diseases  
    R. M. Cullen, A. Korobeinikov and W. J. Walker 501
On the solvability of first-order discontinuous scalar initial and boundary value problems  
    R. P. Agarwal and S. Heikkilä 513
Minimax control of an elliptic variational bilateral problem  
    Qihong Chen 539
Determining rotational deformity in broken forearms  
    Y. M. Stokes 561
Global attractivity of the periodic Kolmogorov system  
    Xianzhang Wen and Zhicheng Wang 569
A variation-of-constants formula for a linear abstract evolution equation in Hilbert space  
    Hanzhong Wu 583
Examples of the nonexistence of a solution in the presence of upper and lower solutions  
    Patrick Habets and Rodrigo L. Pouso 591
A new trust region method for nonsmooth equations  
    Y. F. Yang 595
Inequalities for the beta function of $n$ variables  
    Horst Alzer 609
Observer-based robust $H_\infty$ control for uncertain time-delay systems  
    Xinping Guan, Yichang Liu, Cailian Chen and Peng Shi 625

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