ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 46   Part 1
JULY   2004

Non-adiabatic combustion waves for general Lewis numbers: wave speed and extinction conditions  
    A. C. McIntosh, R. O. Weber and G. N. Mercer 1
Oscillation of symplectic dynamic systems  
    Martin Bohner and Ondřej Došlý 17
Existence of solutions of third-order functional problems with nonlinear boundary conditions  
    Alberto Cabada and Seppo Heikkilä 33
An affine scaling interior point backtracking algorithm for nonlinear constrained optimisation  
    Detong Zhu 45
Singular perturbation methods for a class of initial and boundary value problems in multi-parameter classical digital control systems  
    M. S. Krishnarayalu 67
Nonlinear-cobweb dynamics in the approach to equilibrium  
    J. M. Gaffney and C. E. M. Pearce 79
E. R. Love's integral equation for the circular plate condenser  
    Edgar Reich 85
On existence, uniqueness and $L^r$-exponential stability for stationary solutions to the MHD equations in three-dimensional domains  
    Chunshan Zhao and Kaitai Li 95
A note on the extension of a family of biorthogonal Coifman wavelet systems  
    Zhuhan Jiang and Xiling Guo 111
Persistence and global stability in a delayed predator-prey system with Holling-type functional response  
    Rui Xu, Lansun Chen and M. A. J. Chaplain 121
Effects of velocity-slip and viscosity variation on journal bearings  
    R. Raghavendra Rao and K. R. Prasad 143
Asymptotic behaviour of second-order difference equations  
    Stevo Stevic 157

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