ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 47   Part 4
APRIL   2006

Sufficient global optimality conditions for multi-extremal smooth minimisation problems with bounds and linear matrix inequality constraints  
    N. Q. Huy, V. Jeyakumar and G. M. Lee 439
Sigmoidal cosine series on the interval  
    Beong In Yun 451
A closed-form analytical solution for the valuation of convertible bonds with constant dividend yield  
    Song-Ping Zhu 477
On Parrondo's paradox: how to construct unfair games by composing fair games  
    E. S. Key, M. M. Klosek and D. Abbott 495
An algorithm for constructing biorthogonal multiwavelets with higher approximation orders  
    Yang Shouzhi 513
A comparison of two- and three-variable models for combustion in sealed containers  
    Claire E. Trenham and Larry K. Forbes 527
Computational models satisfying relative angle constraints for 2-dimensional segmented bodies  
    S. Munzir, L. S. Jennings and M. T. Koh 541
Robustness with respect to small delays for exponential stability of abstract differential equations in Banach spaces  
    Faming Guo, Bin Tang and Falun Huang 555
Robust guaranteed cost control for descriptor systems with Markov jumping parameters and state delays  
    Yan-Ming Fu, Di Wu and Guang-Ren Duan 569
A note on the small-time development of the solution to a coupled, nonlinear, singular reaction-diffusion system  
    J. A. Leach 581

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