ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 44   Part 2
OCTOBER   2002

A note on withdrawal from a fluid of finite depth through a point sink  
    G. C. Hocking, J.-M. Vanden-Broeck and L. K. Forbes 181
Optimal Hamiltonian completions and path covers for trees, and a reduction to maximum flow  
    D. S. Franzblau and A. Raychaudhuri 193
Exponential decay rate of the energy of a Timoshenko beam with locally distributed feedback  
    Dong-Hua Shi and De-Xing Feng 205
Two-point formulae of Euler type  
    M. Matic, C. E. M. Pearce and J. Pecaric 221
Newton's diagram method for nonlinear equations with several small parameters  
    Peter Aizengendler 247
Extreme stability and almost periodicity in continuous and discrete neuronal models with finite delays  
    S. Mohamad and K. Gopalsamy 261
An $M/G/1$ queueing system with fixed feedback policy  
    Bong Dae Choi and Bara Kim 283
Some results on generalised Voigt functions  
    K. C. Gupta, S. P. Goyal and Rohit Mukherjee 299
The dual reciprocity boundary element method for magnetohydrodynamic channel flows  
    Huan-Wen Liu and Song-Ping Zhu 305

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