ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 45   Part 1
JULY   2003

A flat ship theory on bow and stern flows  
    Songping Zhu and Yinglong Zhang 1
Traces of localisation operators with two admissible wavelets  
    M. W. Wong and Zhaohui Zhang 17
Derivation of the probability density function for ultimate muscle pH in slaughtered animals  
    A. B. Pleasants, G. C. Wake and C. C. Daly 27
Sequential eigenfunction expansion for a problem in combustion theory  
    M. Al-Refai and K. K. Tam 35
Control of singularly perturbed Markov chains: A numerical study  
    H. Yang, G. Yin, K. Yin and Q. Zhang 49
A notion of local proper efficiency in the Borwein sense in vector optimisation  
    B. Jiménez and V. Novo 75
Numerical algorithms for constrained maximum likelihood estimation  
    Z. F. Li, M. R. Osborne and T. Prvan 91
Existence of optimal controls for semilinear elliptic equations without Cesari-type conditions  
    Hongwei Lou 115
Natural cubic element formulation and infinite domain modelling for potential flow problems  
    G. A. Mohr and A. S. Power 133
A two-sided iterative method for computing positive definite solutions of a nonlinear matrix equation  
    Salah M. El-Sayed 145

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