ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 45   Part 3
JANUARY   2004

Bifurcation phenomena for an oxidation reaction in a continuously stirred tank reactor. II Diabatic operation.  
    M. I. Nelson and H. S. Sidhu 303
Some remarks on a Neumann boundary value problem arising in fluid dynamics  
    Pedro J. Torres 327
Conservation laws for second-order parabolic partial differential equations  
    B. van Brunt, D. Pidgeon, M. Vlieg-Hulstman and W. D. Halford 333
Minimal approximate Hessians for continuously Gateaux differentiable functions  
    Hongxu Li and Falun Huang 349
An investigation into the effects of heat transfer on the motion of a spherical bubble  
    P. J. Harris, H. Al-Awadi and W. K. Soh 361
The limiting ideal theory for shear-index cohesionless granular materials  
    G. M. Cox and J. M. Hill 373
Rumours with general initial conditions  
    Selma Belen and C. E. M. Pearce 393
Maximising output from oil reservoirs without water breakthrough  
    S. K. Lucas 401
The pressure field in the gas-lubricated step slider bearing  
    I. Penesis, J. J. Shepherd and H. J. Connell 423
Harvesting in a two-prey one-predator fishery: a bioeconomic model  
    T. K. Kar and K. S. Chaudhuri 443

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