ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 46   Part 3
JANUARY   2005

Direction of vorticity and a new regularity criterion for the Navier-Stokes equations  
    Yong Zhou 309
The time fractional diffusion equation and the advection-dispersion equation  
    F. Huang and F. Liu 317
Stochastic stability of linear systems with semi-Markovian jump parameters  
    Zhenting Hou, Jiaowan Luo and Peng Shi 331
A convolution back projection algorithm for local tomography  
    Challa S. Sastry and P. C. Das 341
Queueing systems for multiple FBM-based traffic models  
    Mihaela T. Matache and Valentin Matache 361
Impulsive control of rumours with two broadcasts  
    Selma Belen, C. Yalcin Kaya and C. E. M. Pearce 379
Duality for linear multiplicative programs  
    Carlton H. Scott and Thomas R. Jefferson 393
Bifurcation phenomena for an oxidation reaction in a continuously stirred tank reactor. III The inhibiting effect of an inert species  
    M. I. Nelson 399
On Euler midpoint formulae  
    Lj. Dedic, M. Matic and J. Pecaric 417
Growth estimates for solutions of nonlinear second-order difference equations  
    Stevo Stevic 439

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