ISSN : 1446-8735


Volume 44   Part 1
JULY   2002

Taming the movable singularities  
    Jarmo Hietarinta 1
Huxley and Fisher equations for gene propagation: An exact solution  
    P. Broadbridge, B. H. Bradshaw, G. R. Fulford and G. K. Aldis 11
What is the discrete analogue of the Painlevé property?  
    A. Ramani and B. Grammaticos 21
Asymptotology---a cautionary tale  
    R. L. Dewar 33
Integrability, random matrices and Painlevé transcendents  
    N. S. Witte, P. J. Forrester and Christopher M. Cosgrove 41
Nonlinear electron solutions and their characteristics at infinity  
    Hilary Booth 51
Symmetry analysis of and first integrals for the continuum Heisenberg spin chain  
    M. C. Nucci and P. G. L. Leach 61
Black holes and solitons of the quantized dispersionless NLS and DNLS equations  
    Oktay K. Pashaev and Jyh-Hao Lee 73
An integrable system of partial differential equations on the special linear group  
    Peter J. Vassiliou 83
Numerical solitary wave interaction: the order of the inelastic effect  
    T. R. Marchant 95
Propagation of an electromagnetic soliton in a ferromagnetic medium  
    V. Veerakumar and M. Daniel 103
On an exact WKB approach to Ablowitz-Segur's connection problem for the second Painlevé equation  
    Yoshitsugu Takei 111
A Bäcklund transformation and nonlinear superposition formula for the Lotka-Volterra hierarchy  
    Xing-Biao Hu and Johan Springael 121
Binary constrained flows and separation of variables for soliton equations  
    Wen-Xiu Ma and Yunbo Zeng 129
On the geometry of the Painlevé V equation and a Bäcklund transformation  
    W. K. Schief 141
Discrete equations corresponding to fourth-order differential equations of the $P_2$ and $K_2$ hierarchies  
    N. A. Kudryashov and M. B. Soukharev 149
Inverse scattering for the matrix Schrödinger operator and Schrödinger operator on graphs with general self-adjoint boundary conditions  
    M. S. Harmer 161
Diffeomorphisms on $S^1$, projective structures and integrable systems  
    Partha Guha 169

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