ISSN : 0004-9727

The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society

Volume 72   Part 3

S. S. DRAGOMIR,   Bounds for the distance to finite-dimensional subspaces 337
T.-S. HSU and H.-L. LIN,   Bifurcation of positive entire solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation 349
H.-K. XU,   A strong convergence theorem for contraction semigroups in Banach spaces 371
I. M. ISAACS and G. NAVARRO,   A characteristic subgroup and kernels of Brauer characters 381
M. HARMER,   Note on the Schwarz triangle functions 385
B.-Y. CHEN,   Examples and classification of Riemannian submersions satisfying a basic equality 391
H. FRANCE-JACKSON,   On coatoms of the lattice of matric-extensible radicals 403
I. KAVKLER,   Similarity invariant semigroups generated by non-Fredholm operators 407
B. FARKAS and SZ. GY. VÉSZ,   Rendezvous numbers in normed spaces 423
G. GWÓŹDŹ-ŁUKAWSKA AND J. JACHYMSKI,   The Hutchinson–Barnsley theory for infinite iterated function systems 441
H. ALZER,   A functional inequality for the polygamma functions 455
F. R. DE HOOG and R. S. ANDERSSEN,   Approximate solutions for the Couette viscometry equation 461
F. GERTH III,   On 3-class groups of certain pure cubic fields 471
D. L. FEARNLEY and L. FEARNLEY and J. W. LAMOREAUX,   There are no n-point F_{\sigma} sets in \mathbb{R}^m 477
S. B. MULAY,   Rings having zero-divisor graphs of small diameter or large girth 481
J. M. BORWEIN and X. WANG,   Lipschitz functions with maximal Clarke subdifferentials are staunch 491
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