ISSN : 0004-9727

The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society

Volume 72   Part 1
AUGUST   2005

S. SHAH and T. K. DAS,   A note on the lattice of density preserving maps 1
N. MRAMOR KOSTA,   A strong excision theorem for generalised Tate cohomology 7
R. LOWEN and B. POLSTER,   Linear geometries on the Moebius strip: a theorem of Skornyakov type 17
Z. LOU,   Div-curl type theorems on Lipschitz domains 31
S. LAJARA and A. J. PALLARÉS,   A nonlinear map for midpoint locally uniformly rotund renorming 39
D. ANGELL and M. D. HIRSCHHORN,   A remarkable continued fraction 45
M. GALEWSKI,   A new variational method for the p(x)-Laplacian equation 53
X. TAO and S. ZHANG,   Boundary unique continuation theorems under zero Neumann boundary conditions 67
E. NEUMAN and J. SANDOR,   On the Ky Fan inequality and related inequalities II 87
D. H. KOCHLOUKOVA,   Finite presentability of some metabelian Hopf algebras 109
Y-G. CHEN and A. SARKÖZY and V. T. SOS and M. TANG,   On the monotonicity properties of additive representation functions 129
P. GALLAGHER and N. RUŠKUC,   Generation of diagonal acts of some semigroups of transformations and relations 139
R. M. BRYANT and L. G. KOVÁCS and R. STÖHR,   Subalgebras of free restricted Lie algebras 147
D. S. KIM,   A multiple character sum evaluation 157
J. LI and N. HUANG,   Implicit vector equilibrium problems via nonlinear scalarisation 161
J. ALCOCK,   Numerical methods for quantitative finance 173
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