ISSN : 0004-9727

The BULLETIN of the Australian Mathematical Society

Volume 72   Part 2
OCTOBER   2005

T. JEDRZEJAK,   Height estimates on cubic twists of the Fermat elliptic curve 177
F. F. LASHERAS,   Ascending HNN-extensions and properly 3-realisable groups 187
A. CHOGOGIDZE and A. KARASEV and K. KAWAMURA and V. VALOV,   On C^*-algebras with the approximate n-th root property 197
G. F. STEINKE,   Flat Laguerre planes of Kleinewillinghöfer type E obtained by cut and paste 213
T. C. CRAVEN and T. L. SMITH,   Abstract theory of semiorderings 225
J. B. FRIEDLANDER and C. POMERANCE and I. E. SHPARLINSKI,   Finding the group structure of elliptic curves over finite fields 251
X. M. YANG and P. ZHANG,   On second-order converse duality for a nondifferentiable programming problem 265
YUJUAN CHEN and HONGJUN GAO,   Existence of positive solutions for nonlocal and nonvariational elliptic systems 271
F. COLONNA,   Characterisation of the isometric composition operators on the Bloch space 283
H. T. HWANG and L. LI and H. KIM,   Bounded vector measures on effect algebras 291
D. CAPONETTI and A. TROMBETTA and G. TROMBETTA,   Proper 1-ball contractive retractions in Banach spaces of measurable functions 299
D. DOLŽAN,   Complementation of the Jacobson group in a matrix ring 317
E. O. TUCK,   Riemann–Siegel sums via stationary phase 325
N. ANTONY,   On singular Artin monoids 329
B. BLEILE,   Poincaré duality pairs of dimension three 331
M. KEMP,   Geometric Seifert 4-manifolds with hyperbolic bases 335
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