Book review - Wavelets: The Key to Intermittent Information?

Edited by B. W. Silverman
School of Mathematics, University of Bristol
and J. C. Vassilicos, Department of Applied Mathematics and
Theoretical Physics
University of Cambridge

Oxford University Press; Price: £47.50 (Hardback)0-19-850716-X
Publication date: 15 June 20002, 74 pages, 1 colour plate, numerous halftones and line figures, 234mm x 156mm.
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  • clear and comprehensive introduction to this burgeoning field
  • Covers both theory and applications.
  • Genuinely interdisciplinarity

Wavelets are transforming current thinking in a wide range of fields by allowing for intermittent information and non- homogeneous behaviour. This book examines their increasing use and potential in many areas, including physical systems, turbulence, statistics, mechanical engineering, neural networks, physiology, vision engineering, signal processing, economics and astronomy. It is a must for specialists and non specialists alike.

Readership: Graduates and researchers in many fields of research, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, economics. This is a genuinely interdisciplinary area of research.


Daubechies, Guskov, Schroder, & Sweldens: Wavelets on irregular point sets.

Arneodo, Manneville, Muzy, & Roux: Revealing a lognormal cascading process in turbulent velocity statistics with wavelet analysis.

Nicolleau & Vassilicos: Wavelets for the study of intermittency and its topology.

Silverman: Wavelets in statistics: beyond the standard assumptions.

Johnstone: Wavelets and the theory of non-parametric function-estimation.

Candes & Donoho: Ridgelets: a key to higher-dimensional intermittency?

Nason & Sachs: Wavelets in time-series analysis.

Field: Wavelets, vision, and the statistics of natural scenes.

Kingsbury: Image processing with complex wavelets.

Pen: Application of wavelets to filtering of noisy data

Prandoni & Vetterli: Approximation and compression of piecewise smooth functions.

Ramsey: The contribution of wavelets to the analysis of economic and financial data.

Newland: Harmonic wavelets in vibrations and acoustics.

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