Careers - Evan Jones

I am currently working as a Designer and Java developer for Eyron Software Solutions.

Maths has taken me from generating efficient schedules to developing exciting computer games, not to mention the travel it has brought. I really can say that I have applied mathematical techniques to real world problems.

After graduating from The University of Queensland with an Honours Degree in Mathematics, I embarked on a number of interesting jobs. As a university research assistant I worked on automated solutions to school timetabling problems, which is of widespread benefit. I then travelled to England, where I completed a PhD at Cambridge, in Computational Mathematics. Cambridge is home to a small online games company, Historical Engineering, and while I was working there I wrote and tested over 28,000 lines of Java code for games. All this in just 14 months!

Workwise, I have found that my experience in JavaScript, as wells as C, Pascal, Fortran, Matlab and other languages has been very handy.

So, from England, it was off to Israel, where I currently work on developing web based applications in Java and XML. I can happily say that I think I’ve found my niche as a software developer for Eyron Software Solutions.

My other interests include rowing, football, martial arts, singing and drawing.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007