Careers - Gavin Pereira

My name is Gavin. I studied Maths and IT during a BCM degree and did an honours year in Applied Mathematics. I am now working at the Australian Bureau of Statistics at the Sydney Data Processing Centre which is running the Census in August this year. Like a few of the others, I am also a non-Statistics graduate who has found himself in the Bureau.

Your mathematical skills will be highly valued in many areas of the ABS. More important than work opportunities, you should decide whether you like maths in the first instance because in some ways your choices now can almost decide on your path for the future.

If you do think that maths is your thing, then you will enjoy it, do well in it, and work opportunities will arise. I have found myself messing with SAS, fiddling with LotusScript, pondering pricing theory and now helping to run a Census.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007