Volume 41 Number 2 May 2014

Complete issue (4MB)


74 Editorial (109KB)
Sid Morris
76 President's Column (118KB)
Peter Forrester
78 Puzzle Corner 37 (202KB)
Ivan Guo
84 Australian Academy of Science Fellows (106KB)
85 The Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry (APCMfI) (183KB)
Inaugural APCMfI Committee
87 ANZIAM 2014 (293KB)
Steve Taylor
91 Factors affecting success in CHEM101 at UOW (658KB)
Becky Armstrong, Mark Fielding, Stephen Kirk and Jacqui Ramagge
99 Flipping the maths tutorial: a tale of n departments (466KB)
Katherine A. Seaton, Deborah M. King and Carolyn E. Sandison
114 Book Reviews (488KB)
Oxford Figures,
by John Fauvel, Raymond Flood and Robin Wilson (editors)
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
Origins of Mathematical Words: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Latin, Greek and Arabic Roots
by Anthony lo Bello
Reviewed by Jonathan M. Borwein and Brailey Sims
A History of the Central Limit Theorem: From Classical to Modern Probability Theory
by Hans Fischer
Reviewed by T.M. Mills
120 NCMS News (117KB)
Nalini Joshi
123 AMSI News (124KB)
Geoff Prince
126 News (142KB)
141 AustMS (129KB)


2014 BioInfoSummer2014 Monash University 1– 5 December 2014 (714KB)
Announcing the AMSI Research & Higher Education e-newsletter! (315KB)
The 9th annual AMSI Winter School Contemporary Aspects of Cryptography (619KB)

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