CSIRO logo There’s a new resource in town. Maths by Email is a free email newsletter aimed at primary and secondary students and their parents and teachers. Coming from the CSIRO and AMSI, Maths by Email brings you stories from the cutting edge of mathematics, and hands on activities from all fields of maths. Maths by Email is packed with brainteasers, facts, weblinks and more.

Each issue contains news stories exploring recent applications of mathematics. These stories clearly explain current uses of maths, and how these uses are changing the world. They show readers what can be achieved with just a little maths.

Maths by Email also includes hands-on activities. Using inexpensive, household items, each activity guides readers as they explore mathematical concepts. These concepts are explained and developed in the discussion of what is happening in the activity and includes possible applications.

Maths by Email is also filled with mathematical facts, links to curious and interesting maths websites, puzzling brainteasers, and maths events and professional development opportunities.

Maths by Email is an invaluable educational tool. It is written in clear language, specifically for students. All activities are tested, so you can be sure they will work. And stories and activities include curriculum links, and contain weblinks for continuing investigation. Maths by Email is based on the hugely successful Science by Email program, which has over 35 000 subscribers, and rave reviews from teachers.

The first newsletter was published this week – you can sign up now so you don’t miss any issues! Visit and subscribe today.

If you do subscribe, please make sure that you say that you heard about it from AMSI.

For more information, email: or call (02) 6276 6673.

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Maths by Email is produced by CSIRO Education and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. The project is funded under the Quality Outcomes Program administered by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Janine McIntosh
TIMES Project Manager
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

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Updated: 13 Apr 2010