Careers - Sarah Zahrai

Hi. I started studying mathematics at Sharif University, in Iran where I was born.

In 1992 I came to Australia and finished a maths degree at the University of Queensland.
In 1998 I submitted a thesis for a PhD in which I studied abstract algebraic structures.
It was great to finish my thesis as I had just been offered a job at Stanwell Corporation, a Queensland electricity generating company.

Working with Stanwell is really exciting. Electricity is produced on a supply and demand basis and each day sees us trade electricity worth millions of dollars. Decisions made on the trading floor depend on mathematical calculations. In fact, the whole electricity market is driven by mathematical processes.

I spent 1999 learning and analysing all facets of the company and also studying the financial market. By combining this knowledge with my mathematical skills I can produce new ideas to enhance the running of the energy market at this company.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007