Volume 41 Number 3 July 2014

Complete issue (4MB)


146 Editorial (131KB)
David Yost
148 President's Column (114KB)
Peter Forrester
150 Puzzle Corner 38 (162KB)
Ivan Guo
155 Queen's Birthday Honours (89KB)
156 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics awarded to Terry Tao (50KB)
157 Forum on Assumed Knowledge in Maths (90KB)
Deborah King and Joann Cattlin
160 Mathematicians in Schools: what’s going on out there? (77KB)
Bronwyn Welch
162 Recent developments of nonlinear PDEs (54KB)
Yihong Du
164 Constructive Optimisation Workshop in Honour of Professor Vladimir Demyanov’s 75th birthday (780KB)
Andrew Eberhard, Alexander Kruger, Vera Roshchina and Nadezda Sukhorukova
165 ANZIAM early career workshop (55KB)
Katrina Treloar and Catherine Penington
167 Sydney Random Matrix Theory Workshop (50KB)
Sheehan Olver
168 Obituary: Geoffry Norman Mercer (126KB)
Harvi Sidhu, Steve Barry and Tim Marchant
173 Book Review (345KB)
Convex functions: Constructions, characterizations and counterexamples,
by Jonathan M. Borwein and Jon D. Vanderwerff
Reviewed by Phil Howlett
Wizards, Aliens and Starships,
by Charles L. Adler
Reviewed by Adam Rennie
Origami Design Secrets,
by Robert J. Lang
Reviewed by Alasdair McAndrew
Circular statistics in R,
by Arthur Pewsey, Markus Neuhäuser and Graeme D. Ruxton
Reviewed by Michail Tsagris
Linear Algebra: Step by Step,
by Kuldeep Singh
Reviewed by Isaac Towers
188 NCMS News (112KB)
Nalini Joshi
191 AMSI News (128KB)
Geoff Prince
194 News (133KB)


2014 AMSI-SSAI Lecturer - Professor Terry Speed (293KB)
2014 BioInfo Summer - 1-5 December 2014, Monash University (738KB)
2015 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences (653KB)
2014/15 AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships (578KB)

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