Careers - Rebecca Gower

After completing my PhD at UQ Maths Department I took up a fellowship at Oxford University, then a job in the ‘Civil Service’ at the Department of Education and Employment (DfEE) in London.

At DfEE I was involved in Operations Research, a branch of mathematics concerned with forecasting, planning, and optimisation. My results were used to advise government on policy decisions. In particular I worked on using census and birth data to predict the number of school-aged children to be taught in state schools.

Recently I have moved back to Oxford to work for a small company called Numbercraft. Numbercraft uses mathematical methods and computer software to provide business intelligence technology to clients in retail, manufacturing and media sectors. This advice helps companies improve their sales. As an example, for supermarket chains we analyse what the customers buy, when they buy it and what they buy on a single shopping trip. Most of my time is spent doing analysis. However I do spend some time preparing presentations, writing reports and helping prepare new proposals.

I like the variety in my new job and I like having the chance to go out and explain my work to the clients rather than just sit in the office.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007