Volume 44 Number 3 July 2017

  Complete issue (2.2MB)


148 Editorial (72KB)
Sid Morris
151 President's Column (79KB)
Kate Smith-Miles
153 Puzzle Corner 48 (140KB)
Peter M. Higgins
156 Talking Teaching (150KB)
Edited by Birgit Loch and Sid Morris
161 Capital Number Theory (67KB)
Tim Trudgian and Mumtaz Hussain
163 Book Review (76KB)
Does Mathematical Study Develop Logical Thinking?
by Matthew Inglis and Nina Attridge
Reviewed by Rodney Nillsen
167 Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellowship:
Call for Applications
168 AMSI News (71KB)
Anthony Henderson
171 ANZIAM News (110KB)
Mary Myerscough
174 Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX (100KB)
David Wood
179 NCMS News (74KB)
Peter Forrester
182 News (119KB)
202 AustMS (49 KB)
Peter Stacey


  Simon Marais Mathematics Competition (127KB)
  Choose Maths (1.5MB)
  AMI BioInfo Summer 17, December 4-8, 2017, Monash University (643KB)
  Online careers guide: maths & stats (113KB)
  AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences 18: Jan 8 - Feb 2, 2018, Monash University (925KB)
  American Mathematical Society: Selected 2017 Books (659KB)

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