WIMSIG Q&As with Female Plenary Speakers

  • ANZIAM 2019
    • Q&A with Ruth Baker, Judith Berner, Claire Postlethwaite,
      Anja Slim, and Yvonne Stokes
  • AustMS 2018
    • Q&A with Regina Burachik, Isabelle Gallagher, Joan Licata,
      Malwina Luczak, Hinke Osinga, Nages Shanmugalingam, and
      Natalie Thamwattana
  • ANZIAM 2018
    • Q&A with Snezhana Abarzhi, Alys Clark, Louise Ryan, and
      Kate Smith-Miles
  • AustMS 2017
    • Q&A with Georgia Benkart, YoungJu Choie, Catherine Greenhill,
      and Yvonne Stokes
  • ANZIAM 2017
    • Q&A with Claire Postlethwaite, Maria Vlasiou, and Martine Woolf
  • AustMS 2016
    • Q&A with Adelle Coster, Alex James, Kavita Ramanan,
      and Lesley Ward
  • ANZIAM 2016
    • Q&A with Vivien Kirk, Petra Kuhnert, and Karen Willcox
  • AustMS 2015
    • Q&A with Aurore Delaigle, Frances Kirwan, Frances Kuo, and
      Ruth Williams
  • ANZIAM 2015
    • Q&A with Anne Juel, Leah Keshet, Kerry Landman,
      Mary Myerscough, and Natalie Thamwattana
  • ANZMC 2014
    • Q&A with Rosalind Archer, M. AngĂ©lica Cueto, Nina Snaith, and Mariel Vazquez
  • ANZIAM 2014
    • Q&A with Alison Etheridge and Lisa Fauci
  • AustMS 2013
    • Q&A with Sommer Gentry and Natashia Boland

Updated: 13 Jan 2019