Gazette Volume 43 Number 1 March 2016

Volume 43 Number 1 March 2016

Complete issue (2.5MB)


2 Editorial (140KB)
David Yost
4 President's Column (107KB)
Tim Marchant
6 Australian Academy of Science Awards (147KB)
8 Ren Potts Medal (60KB)
10 Professor Gustav Isaac Lehrer: Member of the Order of Australia (52KB)
11 SEquences and Their Applications (SETA) 2014 (74KB)
Udaya Parampalli
14 12th Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference 2015 (810KB)
Bronwyn Hajek, Amie Albrecht and Mark Nelson
17 Obituary: Peter Gavin Hall (158KB)
Matt Wand
20 Diophantine triples: Meandering towards a solution to the N-matchstick challenge (113KB)
Neville de Mestre
25 Book Reviews (269KB)
The How and Why of One Variable CALCULUS
by Amol Sasane
Reviewed by Neville de Mestre
Calculus and Analysis: A Combined Approach
by Horst R. Beyer
Reviewed by Isaac Towers
Analytic Perturbation Theory and its Applications
by Konstantin E. Avrachenkov, Jerzy A. Filar and Phil G. Howlett
Reviewed by Vladimir Gaitsgory and Musa Mammadov
The Fibonacci Resonance
by Clive N. Menhinick
Reviewed by R.S. Anderssen
36 NCMS News (141KB)
Nalini Joshi
40 AMSI News (132KB)
Geoff Prince
44 ANZAMP News (100KB)
Tim Garoni
46 ANZIAM News (281KB)
Larry Forbes
48 VAG News (165KB)
Brian Davey
50 News (200KB)
75 AustMS (132KB)


mathsfest AUSTRALIA 2016: Canberra 28 Nov - 16 Dec, 2016 (62KB)
AMSI Winter School 16 on Health & Environmental Modelling: 4-15 July, The University of Queensland (79MB)

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