Volume 40 Number 2 May 2013

Complete issue (3.7MB)


82 Editorial (78KB)
David Yost
83 President's Column (120KB)
Peter Forrester
85 Puzzle Corner 32 (205KB)
Ivan Guo
93 Australian Academy of Science Fellows (347KB)
95 56th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (67KB)
David Yost
97 2012 Professional Development Workshop, Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society (67KB)
Leigh Wood
99 Obituary: Brian John Day (166KB)
Ross Street
102 Obituary: Alexei V. Pokrovskii - in memorium (95KB)
Phil Diamond and Peter Kloeden
105 Logarithmic superconformal minimal models (163KB)
Elena Tartaglia
108 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Constructions of mutually unbiased bases (118KB)
Joanne L. Hall
111 Lift-Off Fellowship report: A quaternion ensemble of random matrices (904KB)
Anthony Mays
115 Lift-Off Fellowship report: A strong Oka principle for circular domains (119KB)
Tyson Ritter
118 Book Reviews (521KB)
Math Goes to the Movies,
by Burkhard Polster and Marty Ross
Reviewed by Robyn Arianrhod
Category Theory
by Steve Awodey
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
Harmonic Analysis: From Fourier to Wavelets,
by Maria Cristina Pereyra and Lesley A. Ward
Reviewed by Michael G. Cowling
Cyclic Modules and the Structure of Rings,
by S.K. Jain, Ashish K. Srivastava and Askar A. Tuganbaev
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
126 NCMS News (128KB)
Nalini Joshi
130 AMSI News (136KB)
Geoff Prince
134 News (169KB)
153 AustMS (123KB)


The 2013 AMSI Winter School on the Mathematics of Planet Earth (364KB)
Mathematics of Planet Earth The Conference (1MB)
Mathematics of Planet Earth Limitless applications (1MB)

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