Volume 44 Number 4 September 2017

  Complete issue (3.8MB)


204 Editorial (57KB)
David Yost
206 President's Column (98KB)
Kate Smith-Miles
209 Puzzle Corner 49 (179KB)
Peter M. Higgins
213 Talking Teaching (95KB)
Edited by Birgit Loch and Sid Morris
216 ACE Forum on Women in research and higher degrees in the mathematical sciences (100KB)
Maaike Wienk and Yvonne Stokes
220 Ergodic Theory and its Applications (57KB)
Alexander Fish
222 Obituary: Robert Aitken Bryce (93KB)
John Cossey
225 Obituary: Joseph Mark Gani (100KB)
Daryl J. Daley
231 Alf van der Poorten Travelling Fellowship (69KB)
Sid Morris
234 AMSI News (124KB)
Geoff Prince
238 Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX (104KB)
Jan de Gier
243 News (122KB)
263 AustMS (61KB)
Peter Stacey


  Choose Maths (1.5MB)
  BioInfo Summer, 4-8 December, 2017, Monash University (643KB)
  Online Careers Guide (113KB)
  AMSI Summer School 18, 8Jan-2Feb, 2018 Monash University (925KB)

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