WIMSIG Pilot Mentoring Program 2020

In response to the strong desire expressed by WIMSIG members via our 2017 survey for a mentoring program, WIMSIG has launched a Pilot Mentoring Program. Further information, along with registration forms for prospective mentees and mentors, is provided here.


  • To qualify as a mentee you must be a Member of WIMSIG and identify as a woman.
  • We are seeking mentors of any gender who are Friends or Members of WIMSIG.

(See WIMSIG Rules of Procedure — Items 5 and 6.)


  • To assist female members to find a mentor suited to their desires and needs.
  • To facilitate the establishment of a mentoring agreement between each mentor and mentee.
  • To facilitate mentee-mentor relationships for a duration of one year.
  • To create a safe and supportive environment for mentors and mentees that complies with the AustMS Code of Conduct.
  • To create, and strengthen existing, professional networks for female members of WIMSIG.

Structure and Timeline

  1. Expressions of interest by prospective mentors and mentees:
    October 1 — November 30, 2019.
  2. Pairing of mentors and mentees by WIMSIG:
    December 2019 — January 2020.
  3. Mentors and mentees notified by WIMSIG of their pairings:
    February 2020.
  4. Initial survey to be completed by mentors and mentees: May 2020.
  5. Email to check on progress: September 2020.
  6. Close of scheme and completion of final survey by all mentors and mentees: February 2021.

WIMSIG strongly encourages mentors and mentees to stay in touch but will have no further involvement.

No-Fault Exit

Should either party (mentee or mentor) feel a mentoring relationship is not working properly, they may end the mentoring relationship. No blame is to be attributed to either party. This allows sensitive issues (clash of values, mentor inexperience, mentee non-commitment) to be addressed positively and without in-depth explanation. WIMSIG should be advised of the cessation of a mentoring relationship. In this event, a mentee may request that another mentor be assigned, although this is not guaranteed.

Mentoring Surveys

  • Initial and completion surveys will be sent to both mentors and mentees.
  • The aim of the Initial Survey (May 2020) will be to check on progress and identify any issues that may need addressing. If not completed WIMSIG will deem that the mentoring arrangement is working successfully.
  • The aim of the Completion Survey (February 2021) will be to gauge the success of the pilot scheme and identify improvements and problems.

Expression of Interest — Prospective Mentees

Participation in the pilot mentoring scheme as a mentee requires that you:

Expression of Interest — Prospective Mentors

Participation in the pilot mentoring scheme as a mentor requires that you:

Program Committee

  • Dr Deborah Cromer, Chair
    (Senior Research Fellow, The Kirby Institute, The University of New South Wales, NSW)
  • Dr Julia Collins, WIMSIG Representative
    (Lecturer of Mathematics, School of Science, Edith Cowan University, WA)
  • Dr Bronwyn Hajek
    (Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia, SA)
  • Dr Barbara Maenhaut
    (Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, The University of Queensland, QLD)

Useful Resources

Contact Us

WIMSIG would love to keep up to date with how your mentoring is going.

Let us know what you and your mentor have been up to and connect with other mentoring program participants on Twitter @wimsigAU using the hashtag #wimsigmentoring.

You may also email WIMSIG at any time with questions or feedback.

Updated: 11 Oct 2019