Subscription fees

Fees for Membership, 2020

The following prices are in Australian dollars.
(Membership fee does not attract GST.)
Online renewals are now available.

Membership class AustMS subs ANZIAM subs ANZAMP subs SIGs (each)
Ordinary member $148 $30 $30 $14.80
Sustaining member $296 $30 $30 $14.80
Reciprocal member $74 $30 $15 $7.40
Education member $74 $30 $15 $7.40
Early Career member* $74 $30 $15 $7.40
Reduced rate member $37 $15 $10 $3.70
Retired member $37 $15 $10 $3.70


  • *Early Career Researchers (ECRs) have reduced membership fees for the Society at 50% of the ordinary membership rate, for up to five years after award of their PhD.
  • Special Interest Groups include: Australian Algebra Group (AAG), Number Theory Down Under (NTDU), Mathematics of Computation & Optimisation (MoCaO), Mathematics Education (SIGME), Applied Probability (APSig); in 2020 fees are added for each SIG joined. Women in Maths (WIMSIG) is free for 2020.
  • Free membership of the Society is available to an undergraduate student of mathematics enrolled at an Australian institution. Such membership shall be available for 4 years of study, subject to annual confirmation of eligibility by the student.
  • Free membership of the Society is available to any honours or graduate student in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics or mathematical finance, enrolled at an Australian institution. Students who have been undergraduate members are eligible for such membership, which shall be available for 6 years of study, subject to annual confirmation of eligibility by the student.
  • Existing Ordinary Members who renew their subscriptions before 31 January 2020 are entitled to a rebate of $5.00, which should be deducted from their payments.
  • All new Ordinary members are entitled to pay their first year's subscription at the concessional rate of $74 (no rebate for early payment).
  • The optional subscription fees for ANZIAM and ANZAMP are additional to the Society subscription.
  • The education membership is reserved for members of either AAMT or MERGA.
  • Life Membership at Retirement is available for Members over 55 years for $296.
  • Members over 70 with at least 30 years of membership: free.
  • The subscription for Institutional Members is $2144.
  • The small annual increases in membership fees are in line with inflation.

Fees for Accreditation, 2015–

The following fee, as a multiple of the ‘annual subscription for Ordinary Membership’ (asOM), must accompany each application for accreditation.
Apart from the usual annual subscription fees, there are no ongoing charges for accredited members.
(Accreditation fee does not attract GST.)

Accreditation type
Graduate Member 1 × asOM
Accredited Member 1.5 × asOM
Fellow 2 × asOM

These fees are payable once only. Upgrading, from Graduate Member to Accredited Member, or from Accredited Member to Fellow shall each attract a fee equal to half the annual subscription for Ordinary Membership.

Updated: 22 Sep 2020