Volume 42 Number 4 September 2015

Complete issue (3.1MB)


212 Editorial (140KB)
David Yost
214 President's Column (102KB)
Tim Marchant
216 Puzzle Corner 44 (156KB)
Ivan Guo
222 Honours for Cheryl Praeger (132KB)
223 Mathematics Education Special Interest Group (77KB)
Deborah King and Joann Cattlin
226 Effective Visualisation in the Mathematical Sciences: EViMS 2 (205KB)
Louisa Barnsley
228 Obituary: Kenneth Robert Pearson (187KB)
Peter Dixon and Maureen Rimmer, with contributions by Peter Stacey and Don Taylor
232 Book Reviews (378KB)
Mathematics and the Real World
by Zvi Artstein
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
Neverending Fractions: An Introduction to Continued Fractions
by Jonathan Borwein, Alf van der Poorten, Jeffrey Shallit and Wadim Zudilin
Reviewed by Werner Kleinert
An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics
by James Franklin
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
240 NCMS News (117KB)
Nalini Joshi
243 AMSI News (126KB)
Geoff Prince
247 News (169KB)
265 AustMS (100KB)


AMSI Scientific Events 2015 (39KB)
AMSI Intern (130KB)
2015 Mahler Lecture Tour, Professor Manjul Bhargava (559KB)
AMSI Summer School, RMIT University, 4-29 January, 2016 (1.1MB)

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