Volume 42 Number 1 March 2015

Complete issue (3.6MB)


2 Editorial (115KB)
Sid Morris
5 President's Column (103KB)
Tim Marchant
7 Puzzle Corner 41 (164KB)
Ivan Guo
13 Order of Australia for John Croucher (130KB)
15 2015 Australian Academy of Science Awards (98KB)
18 Other Awards and Prizes (63KB)
19 ANZIAM Awards (563KB)
23 ANZIAM 2015 (288KB)
Matthew J. Simpson and Scott W. McCue
26 Branching systems of ultragraphs, Perron-Frobenius operators (125KB)
Hui Li
28 Book Reviews (316KB)
Everyday Calculus
by Oscar E. Fernandez
Reviewed by Peter K. Dunn
Topics in Random Matrix Theory
by Terence Tao
Reviewed by The Q. Society
Data-Driven Modeling & Scientific Computation
by J. Nathan Kutz
Reviewed by Isaac Towers
36 NCMS News (128KB)
Nalini Joshi
39 AMSI News (108KB)
Geoff Prince
42 News (165KB)
62 AustMS (137KB)


AMSI 2015 Lecture Tours (374KB)
AMSI Sponsored Workshops April to December 2015 (722KB)
AMSI Winter School 2015 (663MB)

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Updated: 16 Mar 2015