Volume 43 Number 3 July 2016

  Complete issue (2.2MB)


162 Editorial (139KB)
David Yost
164 President's Column (114KB)
Tim Marchant
166 Professor Nalini Joshi AO (116KB)
168 Academy of Science Fellows (48KB)
169 Workshop on Geometric Quantisation (806KB)
Mathai Varghese, Peter Hochs, Anthony Licata and Hang Wang
174 AMSI/AustMS workshop: Geometry and Analysis (61KB)
175 Equivariant Geometry and Algebraic Stacks (342KB)
Jarod Alper and Jack Hall
177 Effective Teaching, Effective Learning in the Quantitative Disciplines (60KB)
Katherine Seaton
178 Obituary: Mirka Miller (nee Koutova) (234KB)
Diane Donovan and Joe Ryan
181 The Izergin--Korepin model at roots of unity (138KB)
A. Garbali
185 Book Reviews (241KB)
Biomolecular Feedback Systems
by Domitilla del Vecchio and Richard M. Murray
Reviewed by Mark Nelson
Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics
by Gary Smith
Reviewed by Ben O'Neill
Alexandre Grothendieck: a Mathematical Portrait
by Leila Schneps (Editor)
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
199 NCMS News (117KB)
Peter Forrester
202 AMSI News (113KB)
Laura Watson
205 News (169KB)


  AMSI BioInfo Summer 16: The University of Adelaide 28 Nov-2 Dec (461KB)
  AMSI Research Scientific Events 2016 (76KB)
  mathsfest Australia 2016: The Australian National University, Canberra 28 Nov-13 Dec (357MB)
  AMSI Summer School 17: The University of Sydney 9 Jan- 3 Feb 2017 (633MB)

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