Volume 40 Number 3 July 2013

  Complete issue (2.25MB)


159 Editorial (120KB)
Sid Morris
161 President's Column (112KB)
Peter Forrester
163 Puzzle Corner 33 (226KB)
Ivan Guo
170 Jenny Henderson: Order of Australia Medal (122KB)
172 Fellow of the Royal Society (57KB)
173 Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences (81KB)
174 Australian Laureate Fellowships (69KB)
175 Problems for the Mathematics Olympiads: Please donate generously (97KB)
Hans Lausch
178 Report on Algebraic Cycles and the Geometry of Group Orbits (56KB)
Amnon Neeman
180 ANZIAM 2013: 49th Applied Mathematics Conference (192KB)
Jonathan Borwein
183 International Number Theory Conference in memory of Alf van der Poorten (82KB)
Jonathan Borwein and Wadim Zudilin
186 Integer Programming Down Under: theory, algorithms and applications (77KB)
Natashia Boland and Martin Savelsbergh
189 MCQMC 2012 (50KB)
Ian H. Sloan
190 Obituary: Bruce Rutherfurd Morton (124KB)
Michael Manton, Michael Reeder and Roger Smith
192 Obituary: Maurice Norman Brearley (149KB)
Neville de Mestre
194 Tennis anyone? Courtside combinatorial conundrums (217KB)
Scott Sciffer
199 Canard- and Hopf-induced bursting in pituitary cells (69KB)
Theodore Vo, Joel Tabak, Richard Bertram and Martin Wechselberger
202 Twin progress in number theory (152KB)
T.S. Trudgian
208 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Robustness analysis of the carbon and nitrogen co-metabolism model of Mucor mucedo (91KB)
Nahid Banihashemi
210 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Adsorption of self-avoiding walks (102KB)
Nicholas R. Beaton
212 Book Reviews (188KB)
Mathematical Excursions to the World’s Great Buildings
by Alexander J. Hahn
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
Archimedes’ Modern Works
by Bernard Beauzamy
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
219 NCMS News (119KB)
Nalini Joshi
222 AMSI News (156KB)
Geoff Prince
226 News (125KB)
236 AustMS (97KB)


  COUNTING AUSTRALIA IN The People, Organisations and Institutions of Australian Mathematics by Graeme Cohen (129KB)
  AMSI-ANZIAM Lecturer 2013: Professor Stephen Boyd (177KB)
  MPE Public Lecture: Act Beyond Borders (2.5MB)
  Mathematics of Planet Earth The Conference (184KB)


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