Volume 40 Number 4 September 2013

Complete issue (2.1MB)


237 Editorial (139KB)
David Yost
238 President's Column (112KB)
Peter Forrester
240 Puzzle Corner 34 (173KB)
Ivan Guo
247 Royal Medal for Rodney Baxter (127KB)
248 Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (66KB)
Margreta Kuijper, Iven Mareels and Doreen Thomas
250 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (77KB)
254 AMSI workshop on Graph C*-algebras, Leavitt path algebras and symbolic dynamics (85KB)
R. Hazrat and A. Sims
256 Australian Mathematical Sciences Student Conference (362KB)
The AMSSC 2013 Organising Committee
259 Obituary: Ákos Seress (133KB)
Cheryl E. Praeger
261 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Geodesics: a natural breeding ground for geometrical problems (156KB)
O.J. Garay and M. Pauley
265 Book Review (128KB)
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012,
by Mircea Pitici
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
268 NCMS News (135KB)
Nalini Joshi
273 AMSI News (777KB)
Geoff Prince
276 News (156KB)
293 AustMS (96KB)


American Mathematical Society: For the Knowledge Enthuasist (1.2MB)
AMSI-Mahler Lecture Tour: Professor Akshay Venkatesh (325KB)
AMSI-ANZIAM Lecture Tour: Professor Stephen Boyd (465KB)
2013: BioInfoSummer (362KB)
2014 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences (1.6MB)
2013/14 AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships (629KB)

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