Women in Mathematics group

About Us

The Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group (WIMSIG) has been an active special interest group of the Australian Mathematical Society since early 2013.

The group aims to:

  • support women to achieve their potential in all areas of mathematics;
  • facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in mathematical careers;
  • encourage women to have active careers in the mathematical sciences.

The formal Rules of Procedure for the group are here (PDF, 37 KB).


WIMSIG people and AustMS President at WIMSIG Conf 2017
L-R: Joanne Hall (Newsletter Editor), Giang Nguyen (Treasurer, 2013–2018), Kate Smith-Miles (AustMS President 2017-2018), Yvonne Stokes (Chair, 2017–2018), Lesley Ward (Chair, 2015–2016), Catherine Penington (Secretary, 2017–2018), and Amy Glen (Website Editor). Photo Credit: Sia Duff.

Executive Committee

WIMSIG Newsletter Editor: Joanne Hall – RMIT University

WIMSIG Web Editor: Amy Glen – Murdoch University, Perth

Past WIMSIG Executive Committees:

Join Us

If you wish to join the AustMS Women in Maths special interest group, please contact the Secretary or any of the other members of the Executive Committee (listed above).

Membership is open to persons of any gender with interests in the mathematical sciences and is free for all current members of the AustMS.

News & Events

  • For the latest news, see the WIMSIG News page.
  • A list of past and upcoming events can be found on the WIMSIG Events page.
  • If you would like some advice on running an event, or would like your event advertised in the WIMSIG Newsletter or on the website, please contact WIMSIG-events@women.austms.org.au.

Funding & Job Opportunities


  • For a list of useful resources, including articles, webpages and videos related to gender bias/equity in the Sciences, see the WIMSIG Resources page.

For Conference/Workshop Organisers

  • We would be happy to advertise to our membership any conference or workshop that has specific and suitable measures in place to increase female participation.
  • Such measures could include female invited speakers, women's gatherings, financial incentives (travel funds or reduced registration), suitable arrangements for childcare upon request, or any other efforts to attract female participants.

Relevant Groups and Organisations

Sister Organisations in Other Disciplines

Updated: 17 Apr 2020