Volume 41 Number 5 November 2014

Complete issue (5.5MB)


276 Editorial (55KB)
David Yost
279 President's Column (70KB)
Peter Forrester
282 Puzzle Corner 40 (124KB)
Ivan Guo
289 Royal Medal for Terry Tao (57KB)
290 Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in Mathematics and Statistics
Completed in Australia in 2013
Peter Johnston
297 Obituary: Reynold (Reyn) Gilbert Keats (115KB)
R.S. Anderssen, J.R. Giles and G.A. Joseph
303 Book Reviews (103KB)
Lectures on Real Analysis
by Finnur Lárusson
Reviewed by David Michael Roberts
Lectures on N_X(p)
by Jean-Pierre Serre
Reviewed by Alexandru Ghitza
310 NCMS News (73KB)
Nalini Joshi
313 AMSI News (88KB)
Geoff Prince
316 News (93KB)
328 AustMS (64KB)


AMSI Sponsored Workshops September 2014 - April 2015 (602KB)
Recent Releases from the American Mathematical Society (973KB)
2014 BioInfoSummer 1-5 December 2014 (1.26MB)
Cambridge Journals: Journals from the Australian Mathematical Society (3.65MB)
Cambridge Journals: Pure and Applied Mathematics Journals (3.1MB)
AMSI Research & Higher Education e-news (154KB)
2015 AMSI Summer School 5-29 January 2015 (894KB)
Winter School 2015 29 June - 10 July 2015 (678KB)

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