Careers - Anna Vigliotti

"The importance of maths in financial markets cannot be overstated."

Anna did a combined maths and economics degree at the University of Adelaide. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Education in 1986 she joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a graduate economist providing statistical advice.

In 1989 she worked for Leadenhall Australia Limited as a financial analyst, later she moved to the State Bank of SA as a Senior Economist. Anna now has a Masters in Business Administration and works in Milan as a Chief Economist for EptaConsors.

Anna relies on her knowledge of mathematical modelling, statistics and economic analysis, which she gained during her studies. The problem solving and analytical skills she learned are also extremely valuable and allow her to take a problem, translate it into a mathematical form, create a model, and use the model to solve the problem.

Updated: 18 Sep 2007