Volume 42 Number 5 November 2015

Complete Issue (4.4MB)


268 Editorial (104KB)
Sid Morris
270 President's Column (107KB)
Tim Marchant
272 Puzzle Corner 45 (888KB)
Ivan Guo
277 Honorary Doctorates (82KB)
278 WIMSIG - two years on (86KB)
Asha Rao
282 The 56th International Mathematical Olympiad (137KB)
Angelo Di Pasquale
290 Higher degrees and honours bachelor degrees in mathematics and statistics completed in Australia in 2014 (112KB)
Peter Johnston
297 4th South Pacific Continuous Optimization Meeting (SPCOM 2015) (543KB)
Henri Bonnel, Jonathan M. Borwein, Regina S. Burachik and C. Yalçin Kaya
303 Meta-Analysis Workshop (169KB)
Shahjahan Khan
305 3rd Heidelberg Laureate Forum Report (392KB)
Matthew Tam, Ioannis Tsartsaflis and Melissa Lee
307 Book Review (131KB)
Count Like an Egyptian
by David Reimer
Reviewed by Gordon Clarke
313 NCMS News (134KB)
Nalini Joshi
316 AMSI News (117KB)
Geoff Prince
320 News (202KB)
343 AustMS (122KB)


BioInfo Summer 2015, The University of Sydney, 7-11 December 2015 (317KB)
AMSI Scientific Events 2016 (110KB)
AMSI Summer School, RMIT University, 4-29 January, 2016 (1.1MB)
American Mathematical Society books (380MB)

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