Volume 44 Number 5 November 2017

  Complete issue (2MB)


266 Editorial (94KB)
Sid Morris
269 President's Column (127KB)
Kate Smith-Miles
273 Puzzle Corner 50 (95KB)
Peter M. Higgins
275 Talking Teaching (93KB)
Edited by Birgit Loch and Sid Morris
277 Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in Mathematics and Statistics Completed in Australia in 2016 (111KB)
Peter Johnston
284 Australian Mathematical Society Annual Meeting 2016 (58KB)
John Urbas
286 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum Report (98KB)
Saul Freedman
289 Obituary: Jonathan M. Borwein (115KB)
Judith Borwein, Naomi Borwein and Brailey Sims
294 Applying Mathematics to the Surf (62KB)
Neville de Mestre
297 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Short-term probabilistic forecasting of solar radiation (55KB)
Adrian Grantham and John Boland
299 Lift-Off Fellowship report: Making the methods — and the case — for discerning useful models prior to the collection of biomolecular interaction data (59KB)
Jason M. Whyte
301 Book Review (74KB)
MVT: A Most Valuable Theorem
by Craig Smorynski
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
304 AMSI News (89KB)
Julia Collins
307 Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX (95KB)
David Wood
312 News (125KB)
331 AustMS (53KB)
Peter Stacey


Choose Maths. Karen Ditchfield: I am more than a number (1.5MB)
MathsAdds Careers Guide (120KB)
AMSI Research Scientific Events (239KB)
AMSI Summer School 18: 8 Jan - 2 Feb, 2018, Monash University (733KB)
American Mathematical Society Books (745KB)

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