Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society - Editors

Staff and addresses


The Editor of the Journal is Jon Berrick with Michael Coons as Deputy Editor. Contact them regarding all policy matters:

Decisions concerning publication of papers are made by the Editor based on reports of referees and advice from Associate Editors.


The Secretary of the Journal is Judith Borwein. Contact her about the status of papers submitted, all matters concerning receipt of letters, to make deliveries of electronic source and on any other matters not covered above.

For potential authors

Founded in 1959 by T. G. Room, FRS, the Journal is the original organ of the Australian Mathematical Society, and is well established in its coverage of all areas of pure mathematics and mathematical statistics. It seeks to publish original high-quality articles of moderate length (typically ten to thirty pages) that will attract wide interest. Papers are carefully reviewed, and those with good introductions explaining the meaning and value of the results are preferred. Submitting authors are encouraged to write a cover letter indicating the paper's main contribution and likely cited results.

Article submissions

To submit an article to the Journal, first register as an author at the ScholarOne submission site.

Editors and Associate Editors

The list of Editors and Associate Editors, together with a brief description of their area of interests and primary mathematics subject classification (MSC) codes, is as follows.

Editors in chief Area of interests
Jon Berrick K-theory, algebraic topology, and related group theory
MSC Primary: 19, 20, 55
Michael Coons number theory and aperiodic order
MSC Primary: 05A, 11(A,B,C,J,M,N), 30B
Associate editors Area of interests
Brian Alspach graph theory and combinatorics
MSC Primary: 05(B,C,D,E)
Dmitry Badziahin Diophantine approximation and ergodic theory
MSC Primary: 11(H,J,K), 37(A,D), 68R
Lynne M. Batten finite geometries, designs and cryptology
MSC Primary: 05(A,B,C), 51(A,E)
Daniel Chan algebraic number theory and non-commutative algebra
MSC Primary: 14(A,D,F,H,J), 16(E,H,S)
Florica Cirstea partial differential equations and functional analysis
MSC Primary: 35(B,J)
Lisa Orloff Clark functional analysis, representations of rings and algebras
MSC Primary: 16G, 46L
James East abstract algebra, combinatorics and semigroups
MSC Primary: 05A, 20M
Nora Ganter elliptic cohomology and applications, moonshine and categorification
MSC Primary: 18E, 19L, 20J, 22E, 55(N,U)
Michael Giudici group theory, permutation groups and groups acting on combinatorial structures
MSC Primary: 05(C,E), 20B
Anthony Henderson algebra and representation theory
MSC Primary: 05E, 14L, 17B, 20, 22E, 55N
Vaithilingam Jeyakumar convex analysis and optimisation
MSC Primary: 90C
Finnur Larusson complex analysis, complex algebraic and analytic geometry
MSC Primary: 32(E,H,J,M,Q)
Ben Martin group theory, algebraic geometry and computational algebra
MSC Primary: 14, 20, 51E
James McCoy geometric analysis, curvature flow, geometric PDEs, fully non-linear PDEs and calculus of variations
MSC Primary: 53(A,C)
Milena Radnovic geometry, dynamics and integrable systems
MSC Primary: 14H, 33E, 34M, 37J, 51N, 70H
Nathan Ross probability and mathematical statistics
MSC Primary: 05C, 60(B,C,F,G), 62(C,E), 92D
Aidan Sims operator and Banach algebras
MSC Primary: 46(L,M)
Valery T. Stefanov probability and mathematical statistics
MSC Primary: 05C, 60(B,C,F,G), 62(C,E), 92D
Terence Tao harmonic analysis, PDEs, geometric and arithmetic combinatorics and analytic number theory
MSC Primary: 05, 11, 35, 37, 42, 58, ...
Lesley Ward harmonic analysis and complex analysis
MSC Primary: 28A, 30(C,H,L), 31A, 42(A,B,C)
Graeme Wilkin differential geometry
MSC Primary: 14H, 32L, 37J, 53(A,B,C,D), 58E
George Willis topological groups and functional analysis
MSC Primary: 22(A,D,E,F), 43A, 46(B,H,J,L)
Robert Yunken operator algebras, analysis on Lie groups, groupoids and quantum groups
MSC Primary: 16T, 19K, 22D, 43A, 46, 47, 58(H,J)

Updated: 30 Jan 2020