Volume 40 Number 5 November 2013

Complete issue (1MB)


296 Editorial (105KB)
Sid Morris
298 President's Column (119KB)
Peter Forrester
300 Puzzle Corner 35 (220KB)
Ivan Guo
308 Professor Terry Speed: Prime Minister's Prize for Science (133KB)
309 The 54th International Mathematical Olympiad (126KB)
Angelo Di Pasquale
317 Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in mathematics and statistics completed in Australia in 2012 (109KB)
Peter Johnston
324 Optimisation in Industry (49KB)
Irina Dumitrescu and Olivia Smith
325 Book Reviews (166KB)
The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible,
by Lance Fortnow
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
The Unravelers: Mathematical Snapshots,
by J.-F. Dars, A. Lesne and A. Papillault (Eds), V. Méla (Trans)
Reviewed by Phill Schultz
330 NCMS News (140KB)
Nalini Joshi
334 AMSI News (135KB)
Geoff Prince
338 News (170KB)
357 AustMS (131KB)


American Mathematical Society: Philosophy of Mathematics Books (208KB)
AMSI-Mahler Lecture Tour: Professor Akshay Venkatesh (325KB)
2013/2014 AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship (629KB)

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