Volume 39 Number 5 November 2012

Complete issue (1.9MB)


212 Editorial (64KB)
213 President's Column (158KB)
P. Forrester
215 Puzzle Corner 30 (334KB) Updated on 16 January 2013 with correct photo acknowledgements.
I. Guo
221 Higher Degrees and Honours Bachelor Degrees in 2011 (134KB)
P. Johnston
228 Lift-off fellowship report: the smallest degree for a strict inequality of a direct product of finite groups (137KB)
N. Saunders
231 Book reviews (164KB)
  • Everyday Cryptography by Keith M. Martin (Reviewed by Phill Schultz)
  • Handbook of Cubik Math by Alexander H. Frey, Jr and David Singmaster (Reviewed by Leanne Rylands)
236 NCMS News (163KB)
N. Joshi
240 AMSI News (157KB)
G. Prince
243 News (140KB)
256 AustMS (174KB)


AMSI Summer School (346KB)
Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (1.6MB)
Cambridge Journals: A Mathematical Walkabout (296KB)
Magnificent Maths: Profound works from Australian Fields Medalist Terance Tao (3MB)

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