Abend Seminars

Talks will be held on Thursdays 8pm Sydney Time: (UTC 10am)
Zoom, Meeting ID: 997 1526 0928
Password: wsydney11

  • 14 May: Toke Carlsen (Faroe Islands)
    Graph algebras, groupoids, and symbolic dynamics

Abstract: I will give an overview of some recent results that link diagonal-preserving isomorphism of graph algebras and isomorphism and equivalence of graph groupoids with continuous orbit equivalence, (eventual) conjugacy, and flow equivalence of symbolic dynamical systems constructed from directed graphs.

  • 21 May: Mark Lawson (Edinburgh)
    Non-commutative Stone dualities

Abstract: The classical Stone dualities for lattices such as frames, distributive lattices and generalized Boolean algebras can be generalized to a non-commutative setting to pseudogroups, distributive inverse semigroups and Boolean inverse semigroups, respectively. The goal of this talk is to sketch out the how and to motivate the why. I shall not assume any background from inverse semigroups or \'etale groupoids.