Coordinating Units

The next five modules are directed to the more complex role of coordinating a unit and a teaching team.

Learning modules

Module 8. Designing and planning units

Module 9. Managing units

Module 10. Assessing students in units

Module 11. Developing learning communities

Module 12. Evaluating units

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of modules 8 – 12 you will be able to:

C1. Develop cohort-building strategies to manage units, to support and guide tutors in their role, and to encourage students to connect with the discipline.

C2. To use knowledge of discipline and graduate attributes, how students learn, and students’ prior experience to design units where the learning outcomes, teaching activities and assessment are constructively aligned

C3. Evaluate units through the systematic collection of evidence, and analysis of this evidence from multiple perspectives.

Other sections of the unit

Unit information

Teaching classes: Modules 1-7

Discussion board


Unit completion

Updated: 24 Feb 2011