Teaching Classes

The first seven modules in this unit cover the teaching of classes.

Learning modules

Module 1. Introduction to teaching mathematics

Module 2. Models of mathematics learning

Module 3. Planning and designing lessons

Module 4. Conducting lessons

Module 5. Teaching in service units

Module 6. Assessing students in classes

Module 7. Collecting evidence about teaching

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of modules 1–7 you will be able to:

T1. Demonstrate an enthusiasm for the discipline of mathematics and a commitment to develop a student learning community that is respectful of the individual learner.

T2. Use knowledge of the discipline and how students learn (both generally and in the discipline) to select appropriate teaching and learning activities for mathematics classes.

T3.  Develop a repertoire of strategies to create positive learning environments that are supportive and engaging, and that allows students to gain feedback to enhance their learning.

T4. Evaluate and reflect on effectiveness of teaching through collection of evidence about student learning and student engagement.

Other sections of the unit

Unit information

Coordinating units: Modules 8–12

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Updated: 06 Feb 2013